Dr. Tarang Krishna has always been approachable to all his patients. He displays an unwavering dedication to offering unparalleled assistance to every cancer patient through advanced medical practices. Dr. Tarang Krishna meticulously monitors the ability of cancer doctors to deliver top-quality care. The outstanding attention, care, and support bestowed upon each patient contribute to their accelerated recovery and healing.

Get in touch with one of the top oncologists (top cancer specialist (CAM)) in the world. Book a consultation today in just a few clicks!

Comprehensive Consultation Options: Choose the Right Path for Your Cancer Care Journey with Dr. Tarang.

  1. Physical Consultation – Please note that for physical consultations, there is a minimum waiting period of 2-4 weeks due to high demand and limited availability. All appointment slots are pre-booked, and scheduling will be based on Dr. Tarang’s availability. We appreciate your understanding and patience in securing your appointment.
  2. Video Consultation – Experience a convenient and accessible consultation with Dr. Tarang through secure video conferencing. With minimum waiting time, book your appointment today.
  3. Telephonic Consultation – Connect with Dr. Tarang over a phone call for a comprehensive consultation. Skip the wait and schedule your telephonic appointment today.
  4. International Consultation – Seeking expert advice from overseas? Dr. Tarang offers specialized consultations for international patients, ensuring personalized care regardless of your location.
  5. Emergency (Virtual) Consultation – Urgent medical attention needed? Benefit from a virtual emergency consultation with Dr. Tarang within 48 hours. Swift, reliable, and focused care in critical situations.
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