Heartfelt Testimonials of Patients
Who Experienced Dr. Tarang Krishna's Exceptional Treatment

A 70-year-old woman who had a brain tumour and her body didn’t show any improvement even after taking 7 radiation sessions was completely healed and recovered through an advanced form of cancer therapy – Immunotherapy.

Mr. Santiago Roberto from Spain was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. After conventional treatments failed, he turned to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) under the care of Dr. Tarang Krishna. With Dr. Krishna’s help, Mr. Roberto achieved a full recovery and regained hope and strength.

Mr. Manish Mittal suffered from last-stage metastatic sigmoid colon cancer, he has been associated with Dr. Tarang Krishna since August 10, 2022, and since then he is being treated free of cost at Cancer Healer Center under their project “Heal The World”.

Ms. Preeti Aggarwal from Mumbai was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2019. After undergoing surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, she experienced a relapse in 2022. Seeking an alternative approach, she turned to Dr. Tarang Krishna for immunotherapy. With this treatment, Mrs. Aggarwal experienced improved well-being and a positive outcome.

Ms. Deepnajali Kumar, diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer in 2022, underwent surgery and a series of chemotherapy sessions. Dissatisfied with the results, she sought an alternative approach and consulted Dr. Tarang Krishna at Cancer Healer Center. With the personalized treatment and care provided, Ms. Kumar experienced significant improvement and regained her health. Today, she not only enjoys a complete recovery but also runs her own successful wellness center, inspiring others on their healing journeys.

Ms. Sunandini Sinha, diagnosed with advanced-stage carcinoma esophagus in December 2021, underwent treatment at a renowned Delhi hospital. Despite enduring significant pain and undergoing the full treatment process, her condition showed no improvement. The medical team eventually conveyed that no further treatment options were available. However, her sister’s persistence led them to seek assistance from Cancer Healer Center. Within a relatively short period of around one and a half months, Ms. Sinha experienced remarkable progress, regaining mobility and independence.

Ms. Ruksana Shaikh, diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2021, underwent surgery in March followed by a treatment plan of 16 chemotherapy sessions and radiation therapy. After discovering Cancer Healer Center through a Facebook advertisement, she sought immediate treatment with us. Upon retesting in March, all her reports returned normal, bringing her great satisfaction as she received effective treatment without the need for chemotherapy or radiation sessions.

Ms. Soni Kumari Gulati, a resident of Punjab, was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer in September 2022 and underwent a surgical procedure to remove the affected part. However, after two months, the cancer recurred in her liver. Seeking further treatment, she traveled to Mumbai and commenced chemotherapy sessions in December 2022 at a renowned hospital. After completing seven sessions, she discovered Cancer Healer Center and decided to visit Dr. Tarang Krishna in Delhi. With confidence in his expertise, she received treatment at our center for one month, experiencing significant immune system improvement and no side effects, unlike chemotherapy.

Ms. Geeta Mundalia of Kolkata was diagnosed with Carcinoma of the Pancreas with liver and lymph nodes metastasis. Initially considering chemotherapy, her family explored Immunotherapy as an alternative. Despite also being infected with Jaundice, Ms. Mundalia opted for Immunotherapy sessions which resulted in her recovery without experiencing harsh chemotherapy side effects. Remarkably, these positive outcomes were achieved within just one month of Immunotherapy treatment, demonstrating the compatibility of Immunotherapy with chemotherapy.

Mrs. Alka (Mr. Ashok’s wife), initially had a mouth blister that escalated into severe pain and tongue blisters. After a diagnosis of cancer, she underwent radiation sessions but sought alternative treatment at a cancer healer center when her condition worsened. Despite heavy reliance on morphine, a 20-day Immunotherapy treatment led to reduced pain, diminished swelling, and improved strength.

Mrs. Gayatri Devi, diagnosed with stage 4 AML (Acute myeloid leukemia) in March 2023, sought treatment at renowned hospitals, all of which offered no viable solutions or treatments to improve her condition. However, after just one month of receiving treatment at the Cancer Healer Center, there has been a remarkable improvement in her overall condition. She diligently follows a proper diet, experiences an enhanced appetite, and exhibits significant progress as reflected in her test reports.

Mr. Ashok Kumar experienced deteriorating health in April 2023, leading to a medical diagnosis revealing a 6 cm brain tumor. In search of effective treatment, his family discovered the Cancer Healer Center and opted to initiate his treatment there. Remarkably, within a mere 10 days of treatment, notable improvements have been observed. Mr. Ashok’s appetite has increased, and he has regained the ability to perform routine activities such as walking and engaging in meaningful conversations with his family members. Previously, his body was severely restricted, resembling a state of paralysis.

Ms. Neetu, hailing from Jammu, received a uterine cancer diagnosis in March 2023. Initially, she experienced emotional distress but found support from her husband as they sought treatment in Delhi. Following surgery, chemotherapy was prescribed, but they discovered the Cancer Healer Center and decided to seek medical advice there. Prior to commencing chemotherapy, Ms. Neetu received treatment at the Cancer Healer Center, resulting in improved immunity and physical strength. She opted to undergo chemotherapy sessions in conjunction with the Cancer Healer Center’s treatment, which effectively mitigated any adverse effects typically associated with chemotherapy.

Mrs. Sunita Singh underwent surgery for Colon Sigmoid Cancer in July 2021, but her condition did not significantly improve. In November 2021, her son sought treatment for her at the Cancer Healer Center. Following the treatment, there was a remarkable improvement in her condition, with the absence of previously detected nodules in her colon. A subsequent CT scan report indicated no presence of nodules

Mr. Fateh Singh, aged 72, was diagnosed with 4th-stage Prostate Cancer that had spread to his bones. Upon experiencing blood in his urine, he underwent a PET Scan which revealed the presence of cancer. Although a biopsy was recommended, considering his age, the family decided against it. They discovered the Cancer Healer Center, where they were confident in receiving the appropriate treatment for Mr. Fateh. After just one month of treatment, notable improvements have been observed, including the alleviation of pain during urination and a reduction in urination frequency.

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