How do you stay positive when sick?

Whenever we are down with fever, flu or seasonal allergies, we most often feel very irritated and out of place. We do not feel like working, we just want to lie down comfortably in our bed and do nothing but taking rest. But imagine a person diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is not an illness that will get over in a few days. How a cancer patient must be feeling with a part of him always doubtful that he will survive or not?

It is hard to imagine the plight of such individuals who do not have the option of resting because cancer is a chronic ailment that needs constant attention and care. It is very difficult to have a positive frame of mind for a disease which is often rendered as incurable. With COVID19 pandemic, the mental stress of the patients has increased manifold with a need to stay indoors to save them from getting infected.

But as Marcandangel has said You cannot control everything that happens to you. You can only control the way you respond to what happens. In your response is your power”

So, if you are dealing with cancer or you know someone who has cancer, the following tips might be useful for you:


Whenever someone is diagnosed with cancer, the first reaction is of denial and self pity. The patient usually feels that they did not have any bad habits, then how did they get affected with such a deadly disease? The truth is that cancer can affect you even in absence of any relevant family history or addictions. There are certain risk factors which we do not pay attention to. The most common modifiable risk factors for cancer are unhealthy diet, obesity and lack of exercise. So, even if you are a non-smoker and you have no addictions whatsoever, your unhealthy lifestyle can lead you towards cancer.

Conquer your mind first

Overcoming cancer is a long and tedious journey that may take months or even years. In this long combat, the first step that will ensure your recovery is believing that you can beat cancer. Even a pinch of doubt in your mind can hinder you from making the much needed efforts.

Nurture your Soul

A diagnosis as hard as cancer can have a deep impact on your personality. From that moment, you have two choices, either to drown yourself in the ocean of darkness and negativity or find a way out by pursuing endeavors that make you happy. It can be as simple as pursuing a hobby or spending time in nature or finding your passion in life.

Do not let your life revolve around just cancer

One of the most important aspects in your cancer journey is to let cancer be just a part of your life. For most of the people, once cancer is diagnosed their normal life is disrupted and they are never able to relive their earlier routines. You might face difficulties initially but try to adapt yourself gradually and make sure that your life does not get confined to cancer.

Do not compare your journey with others

Cancer is no longer rare; it affects a large chunk of population. When you are battling with cancer, you may already know friends, family or acquaintances that have already dealt with or are dealing with cancer. It is always comforting to talk to someone who is sailing in the same boat but never compare your journey with them. Each individual is different and even if it is the same type of cancer, the symptoms, treatment options and outcome may differ.

Help others by sharing your experience

If you encounter anyone who is sailing in the same boat and is having a hard time, then do not hesitate to extend a helping hand. You can counsel them by being a live example and also share your own experience. Helping others get over their fears and difficulties is the best way to feel positive and motivated.

It is always easier said than done but then again life is full of possibilities and it is always better to be a fighter than to choose not to fight!

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